USB AVR & AT89Sxx ISP Programmer (usbasp)

        Welcome to you, This is shubham and today ,I have something special for you. Yes as you can saw its a USBASP programmer a tool for all beginners of embedded system. This programmer is most commonly used to program micro-controller. This circuit is build around ATmega8a microcontroller. It can be use for both 89xxx series as well as AVR microcontrollers. A most important feature of this program is IN-SYSTEM PROGRAMMING(ISP). Yes as name implies it is used to program any controller on given system. There is no need to remove chip from system. FRC cable is used to connect target microcontroller to this programmer. For more detail about this programmer please download the following attachment.

Thank you  


can i use atmega328 instead of atmega8a?
Shubham Trivedi said…
Yes. You can burn Arduino Uno firmware to atmega328 and upload the program to avr microcontrollers using Arduino ISP sketch.


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